All Natural Fruit Juice? I Think Not

I knew I forgot something in my post earlier today, so I thought I'd add this funny anecdote from our hectic morning.

Have you ever watched the episode of "The Cosby Show" where Rudy and Peter use Cliff's new juicer without permission? The kids end up in a HUGE mess of grape juice.

Somewhere in the midst of the craziness that was my morning, I had an episode quite similar to that of the "Cosby" kids. I was attempting to make a fruit smoothie in our (rarely used) juicer. The worse part is that it happened the second Craig turned the corner to switch places with me (he showers and I start breakfast - then we switch). I hit the on button and the next thing I know Murray, myself, and Nala were covered in a sticky kiwi, banana, and strawberry goo. I was still dragging from the early morning and couldn't find the humor in the situation at the moment. I wanted to run straight out the door like Peter did on "The Cosby Show". Looking back, it was textbook material for a sitcom. Either that, or AFV. The look on Craig's face was priceless - a mixture of shock and humor; worry that I would fly off the handle. Anyway, he quickly regained his composure, simply shrugged his shoulders, muttered, "oh" and told me to go take a shower while he cleaned up the mess. Is he great or what?

I guess I better not use the juicer without permission anymore.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Oh, if only one of you had had the thought of bringing out the camera. I would have loved to see that! :) Too funny, though I can imagine that at the time it was far from it. So glad your hubby is one who can roll with the punch-es (did I just say that?). :)

Marie said...

It IS hilarious, and I do wish my camera was convenient, but I was too covered in fruit to find it.

When you said, "roll wih the punch-es" I laughed out loud and had to explain to Craig about the term. You'll never get old - you are "rollin with the punches"!