Random Monday Mutterings

A Blessed Easter to all. I hope it was a day filled with hope and comfort and that you were able to celebrate Christ rising with family and friends.

We had a very nice dinner with Maggie, Steph and Scarlett on Saturday evening. It was filled with activity and laughter. I was looking forward to Mass, Mari's baptism, and a visit with the Fink's on Sunday, but woke up with a terrible sore throat. I was stuck in bed all day. I went to the walk in this morning, as I'm still not feeling better and am currently waiting for test results.

On a brighter note, the latest on Flynn is that she is using her hands while talking. This is incredible news, and I know with all my heart that there will be many more miracles to come.

Murray has some new bruises, but that's nothing new. When he took those first steps and gradually began walking/running, I was terrified with every step. Now, I just figure that bumps and bruises are inevitable and a few falls aren't going to scar him for life. It's still sad when he hurts himself, but the "mom worry" has a lessened a bit.

Well, I'm off to put more indents in my couch. Best to get some rest so I can be back to normal ASAP. Have a great Monday.

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