Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever has hit our household full force. I miss going to the Y, and I even miss sandbagging. although I'm so thankful that the river has crested for the time being. I was stricken with the stomach flu yesterday, so all of the household tasks I wanted to accomplish were put on hold. With all of our belongings on the main floor, 3 large dogs, a cat and a baby, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I can't complain though - this too shall pass. There are worst things in life. At least we are healthy and safe in our home.

Flynn had to have a tracheotomy tube put in yesterday. This was not great news, as she is unable to speak. Our hope is that this will solve her lung troubles so that she can move to Denver very soon. It hurts to not be with them.

Despite the zoo in our home, our temporary addition, Millie (the Murray's dog) has been a joy. She is such a good girl and love to cuddle, and of course, rough house with Rudy, which he desperately needs. He's an active dog, where Nala is not (can't blame her - she's 10 years old), so this extra activity is welcomed. We are more than happy to keep her as long as necessary. They are the best of friends. We've had quite a few laughs with her around.

Murray is teething again (upper molars this time), so we've had a few sleepless nights. Craig finally put the futon in Murray's room last night and slept near him so that we could all rest. It's very uncomfortable - no wonder Casey retreated to his own home! :)

Craig is out snow blowing, since the snow has finally taken a break. I think we're supposed to get more tonight, but as least some of it will be cleared.

I think I'll start a puzzle. I'm bored to tears. Stay warm and dry.

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