Thank You

First, I would like to say a huge thank you for everyone's prayers. Flynn has a challenging road ahead of her, but with her strength and tenacity, I have no doubt that she will exceed all expectations. Because I want to keep her dignity and rehabilitaion private for her, I have chosen not to post the Caringbridge site. I will however, post small updates on her recovery.

Flynn will be transferred to a world renowned Spinal Rehabilition Institute on Tuesday. She will likely be there for 3-6 months. I am very, very proud of her and her family for their strength during this most devasting time. I believe in miracles, and we sure need one right now. Thank you again for your continued thoughts and prayers for our family.

On another note, since Moorhead is now considered code red, I'm off in a bit to help sand bag for a close friend of mine. No need for the Y today - I'll get my workout sandbagging. Murray will be with G & G B.

Murray is awake, so I need to pack him up. I will post more later. Again keep sending positive thoughts and prayers to Flynn and her family - they are greatly appreciated.

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