Raising the Roof (or the Dikes, in This Instance)

I could not move this morning, and my eyes refused to open - literally. I almost collapsed yesterday (much to my embarrassment), so had to call it quits with flood patrol. I just pushed myself too hard and my body was telling me to rest. I finally was able to move again this afternoon, and after hearing that we needed to raise the dikes another foot, went to help again today. Craig made me promise not to do any sandbagging and help in the house. So that's what we did. We cleaned, organized and helped with food. We want Jim and Lisa to have less to worry about, and when you have hundreds of people traipising through your home, it gets messy, which is an understatement. If your home is semi-clean and your bed made when you need to collapse into it, it helps tremendously. Please, don't take this as patting myself on the back -I'm not. I was feeling guilty for not being outside today, but it helped to be in the house, busy. We also moved everything up from the basement to the safety of the main floor. Hopefully, this will be safe too.

Casey is home today and as soon as they returned from the long, treacherous journey, went to a neighbor's home, along with my aunt, uncle and grandpa to help sand bag. They are amazing.

Check out the latest on Flynn's caring bridge site - her beloved dog, Layla, was able to visit her in the hospital. Her smile is incredible.

God Bless.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, Wow, I just saw the photos of Flynn. What an adventurer. I'm so sorry she's been given this cross. Love the smile the dog brought to her. Thanks for sharing this with us...more prayer...

Marie said...

Thanks, Roxane. Flynn is a trooper, to say the least. I miss you and hope to see you soon!