Stuck in the Mud

This is going to be a quick post as I am exhausted. I'm sure thousands of other community members are feeling the same. We sandbagged for hours and hours today and it is probably the most rewarding work I've ever experienced besides child birth. It has been a trying day and spirits are still strong, though we were all getting a bit cranky toward the end. Our "crews" from the colleges didn't arrive until around lunch time (which was not their fault - they had to wait 2 hours for a bus), and we cheered for all of them when they arrived. The students amaze me. I didn't hear one complaint (except from myself) from any of them and they worked tirelessly with great attitudes. They continually thanked anyone who would listen for the food and bathrooms. How cool is that? They were a load of fun to work with. Maggie brought a crew as well, and by the time I finally had to give in, we had protected about 4 homes at 42 feet.

I'm going to rest. Tomorrow brings another harrowing, yet positive day. The community support is awesome - I met some amazing people today.

God bless all of you who are helping in any way possible to protect our communities. May you stay warm, dry, and safe.

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