Random Monday Ramblings

Another beautiful weekend, and we're off to a great start to the week, weather wise. Sunshine and warm temps always improve my mood.

Yesterday we attended church for the first time in several months. I have avoided going to Mass because I'm struggling with my faith, and I don't always agree with Monsignor and the practices of our church. I've decided to put those aside and concentrate on God instead of politics. My soul breathed a sigh of relief as we entered the church and took our places in the pew, and I remembered to be grateful for all that God has blessed me with.

I took the dogs on a walk yesterday. Nala did well for about 3 blocks, and then huffed and puffed and trudged along behind Rudy and I. We slowed our pace considerably, and shortened the walk. I didn't even put her leash on; I knew she wasn't going to take off on me. She's just getting too old and her hips are giving out. It's heartbreaking. Sometimes I drop her off at home and continue with Rudy, but she whines and is very sad if she isn't allowed to go. She turns 11 years old this month and I fear she won't last another winter. The ultimate decision will be Craig's, as they have been companions since she was six weeks old. I don't bring it up. I'm sure he will tell me when it's time.

On a happier note, I'm heading to Las Vegas in May. I am so excited. This will be my very first trip on my own (Craig and Murray are staying behind), as I am meeting some girlfriends that I graduated from high school with. Craig booked my ticket yesterday and even used miles to upgrade my seat to first class. WOO HOO! It will be so much fun to connect. One of our friends can't make it due to her upcoming wedding, so we're a bit bummed, but she will be in our thoughts.

I was really looking forward to my water workouts this week, but I just received an email from the Y stating the the pools will be closed until at least Thursday. Sigh. I guess I'll just have to up my cardio time (I hate cardio) until I can get back in the pool.

My stomach is growling - I'm off to heat up lunch.


Roxane B. Salonen said...


You'll find grace in keeping with Mass, even if it doesn't always do much for you intellectually.

Peace be with you, my friend!


Momma tackles 3 said...

You know that part of each of us are in the same boat. I find that if I miss mass I don't feel complete...remember that it all happened for a reason, our goal is to one day figure out that reason. Rely on God to hold you in His hand and guide you to that reason! I am sorry I missed you at mass....I went to 8:30 as my brother is going through RCIA.