The King of Hearts

Great news! I just received a call from the pacemaker clinic. They have a monitor available for me, finally (I've been waiting since last Monday, which feels like an eternity). Things will start moving now. I will wear the monitor 24/7 and every time I have an episode, I will record it. Then, I call the recordings into the pacemaker clinic, where the results are analyzed by my cardiologist, Dr. Otero, and my primary care physician, Dr. Jacobson. When they have enough information, they will most likely order an echocardiogram to really get in there and have a look. Armed with all of this data, they will be able to make a decision as to how to proceed. I am so relieved to be taking action. I want this over!

Michelle - you have been and will continue to be in my prayers. Love you.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

I've been popping onto your posts and saw a while back some entries about Flasher. My sister taught there, her first year of teaching school, a one-room school house. Did you go to school there? She may have been your teacher?
Email me if you have a chance and we can talk more. :)Address is on my website.