Small Town Girl

Murray's first day in the mobile infant room went beautifully. Apparently this adjusment is worse for me than him.

We never did get to go on the bike tour. Craig got injured at softball on Monday night, and was still in no shape to do 15 miles around the lake. Between his leg and my hives, Saturday morning was not a good day for exercise. My uncle did the 45, though, and it he did it in under 2 hours. WOW!

We are preparing for our trip to Flasher this weekend for my ten year class reunion. I graduated with 25 people, and 24 of us will be there. We are all looking forward to it. Our reunion coincides with the town's annual Summerfest, so there are lots of activites. A parade, a bull ride, and a street dance, to name a few. I am a small town girl at heart and very excited to visit beautiful Flasher again.

Not much else to report today. It's quiet for a change, and I rather like it that way.

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