Four Years Together

Four years ago today, at this time, I was just stepping (ever so carefully) into the dress that I would wear the moment my life changed forever. Today is the day that I joyfully became Mrs. Craig Beckerleg. I love you, Craig. More than you could ever know. . .

I'm feeling pretty good today. I had an episode last night, and rushed to hit the record button on the monitor, but much to my dismay, realized that I had my wires crossed - literally. You see, there are two lead wires (like an EKG), one is black and the other is white. White should be connected to your right shoulder/chest area, and left goes under your left breast above your hip. OOPS. I had them backwards, so the tracing wasn't valid. Oh well. I'm sure I will have another. :) It was just a little embarrassing when I called the pacemaker clinic to send the tracing.

Murray has a sitter tonight (thanks K!), whom he loves, so Craig and I are going to go out for dinner. We are way overdue for date night, and I'm really looking forward to it. I rarely wear makeup or do anything special with my hair in the summer (it just melts anyway), so tonight I will pull out all the stops. We'll probably be home and in bed by 9, but that's life with a little one. I wouldn't change a thing.

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