Bulldog Country

I am so tired today I can hardly function. The reunion was an exhausting success. While we didn't have a pasture party, plenty (and I mean plenty) of fun was had by all. I have some hysterical pictures to post of the parade and the small community. Like I said before, it's a completely different world in Flasher. Gas may have been $4.09/gallon, but adult beverages at the bar are so cheap that I bought a round for my class and the total came to a mere $25.00.

Murray slept through the whole 15 minute parade. It's so small that they actually do it twice - up main street and then back down. One of the entries even handed out free fly swatters instead of candy. I'm certainly not trying to make fun, (Craig did enough of that) but I just can't get over how different it is out west. I love it there and it was a comfort to visit.

The lodge we stayed at was so beautiful. The views are amazing. The house sits on the top of a butte, overlooking lush fields, green pastures and rolling hills. The people who own it also have their ranch on the same property. Murray woke us up before the rooster could on Saturday morning (yep, they have a rooster) so we took our coffee outside to watch the sunrise. They raise pigs, cows, sheep, horses and chickens, so we had farm fresh eggs for breakfast. Craig had never seen a brown egg before (he called it orange) so of course, he didn't cook that one. It was pretty funny when he asked what kind of egg "that one" is.

Anyway, if I can just make it through the day without falling over at my desk, I will be impressed. I sure hope Murray feels like napping this afternoon. :)

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