Back To Reality

The Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. This year was no exception. We had fantastic weather and great fun. Some highlights of the weekend:

Saturday was on the windy side, so we loaded up the pontoon and headed across the lake to the sand bar. Murray HATED his life jacket. He was so mad at us, he didn't even have tears, he just screamed. Once we were anchored, we took it off and he was perfectly happy. But as soon as we started moving again and put it back on, the screaming ensued. He'll get used to it soon enough.

On the morning of the Fourth of July, the whole family gathered for a tribute to my mom. To make a long story short, my mom loved cheap beer. No fancy stuff for her! We all cracked open a Keystone at the same time and toasted her. We cried and laughed, and it was an awesome way to start the day. I do believe we'll make it a tradition.

After drinking 2 beers before 10am, we decided to ride our bikes around the lake. Several of my relatives are experienced cyclists and in excellent shape. The trip around is only 9 miles, but extremely hilly. For someone in my very unconditioned body, it probably was not a smart way to begin my exercising regimen. However, I made it, although my legs were comparable to jello afterwards. I didn't realize that there was so much to know about riding, but I am learning a lot. It was the wake up call I needed - my poor out of shape body was begging me to exercise it A LOT more often. By next year, I hope to be able to double the miles without a hitch. It's a bit hard on the ego when my aunt and uncle can lap me twice (they didn't, but could have).

Stay tuned for pictures - I forgot the camera at home this morning. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, however you celebrated.

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