A Bee in My Bonnet

Well, actually, it was in my bra and stung me about 4 times before I finally got it out. I was walking up from the cabin to the big house when suddenly I felt stinging on my you know whats. I looked, and there, trapped in my bra, was the baddest bee in town. I immediately panicked and started stripping my clothes off in the middle of the yard. Maggie and Craig were in the cabin and probably heard my shouting and carrying on but assumed that it was just another one of my dramatic episodes. Anyway, I got the bee out (by this time he was dead) and ran up to get my grandma to figure out what to do. She put a baking soda paste on all of the stings, which helped some, but soon my whole body was covered in hives. My hands swelled to the size of baseball mitts and I was so itchy I could hardly stand myself. They convinced me to run into the ER in DL, so that's what we did. The nurse took one look at me and told me that I was a giant hive. Yowsers. I've been stung by bees before and have never had a reaction like this. The ER doc recommended that I carry a bee sting kit, so I'm going to my regular doc on Wednesday to see if this is something that he thinks would be a good idea. Apparently, each episode from here on out will only get worse. I was fine after the Benedryl kicked in, but I still have the itchy stings on my chest. This is actually quite comical now that it's all over.

Today is Murray's 8 month birthday, and his first full day in the moblile infant room. I cried when I dropped him off. Dumb, I know, but it was harder than I expected. I am sitting here at work trying very hard not to call and see how he is doing. I think I will check in with him at lunch time. On the bright side, he is now ten dollars a week cheaper. :)

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