Downs and Ups


Have you had a day when you just know, without a doubt, that God is with you?

I spent the morning at home with Craig to observe his independence level.  Craig isn't allowed to shower without an adult in the house because it's one of the two instances that he can remove his brace.  This scares me silly.  Clark G. (a.k.a. Craig) requested a BLT for lunch, so this morning I cooked the bacon and then realized that I needed to move the remaining ingredients to the top shelf of the fridge.  He can't bend, so I have to think ahead, but I'm working on making life a bit easier.  Today, his first day alone without nurses or me, he managed pretty well.

This is where it gets crazy. 

Last Tuesday, I was gently (and tearfully) informed by President Edna that due to the economy, my temporary job would end on January 4th, 2010.  She offered references, help finding a job, and letters of recommendation.  What a compliment!  I was devastated, but I do understand what the budget crisis in Minnesota is doing to the MnSCU institutions.
 I hesitated to say anything to anyone. I needed to process and think things through.  I completely forgot about the situation when Craig got hurt; obviously, work was the least of my concern.

I walked into work at 11:30 a.m today and was greeted with smiles, welcome backs, and many "how is Craig?"  It was so worth it; beautiful to realize how much human nature is kind, compassionate and caring.

About 30 minutes later, I was asked  to see the VP for the Alumni Foundation.  After she closed the door, she explained that one of her best employees was leaving, and asked if I would be interested in taking a modge podge of responsibilities.  I accepted.   I will be mainly handling events and some fund raising (the Phone-A-Thon) and whatever else they send my way.  I'm thrilled, excited and eager to learn.  I will do what is needed and beyond; I'm tickled!. 

It's been a roller coaster of a week.  My goal for the weekend is to finish the housework (I did get the floors scrubbed, dusted, and the cleaned the bathroom, but the bedrooms are another story).  I also hope to make several dishes that can be frozen into small portions for Craig (and me for work).  Recipes welcome!

Craig is healing slowly, but surely adapting.  He is bored to tears, and I can't blame him.  When he looks forward to laundry, I know without a doubt that I have to get creative.

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