I've Had it, and It's Only December

I can't help it.  I'm miserable.  I hate winter, I loathe snow, and I don't understand the "hearty Midwest attitude".  I would rather suffer through Chinese torture than have to put up with this weather.  If I hear one more comment about how beautiful the snow is, I might be sick.  I did not choose to live here, but I did choose my family (which is much more important than my misery) and so I will make an effort to be positive (after this post). 

That said, I ventured out today to take Murray to see Santa (thank goodness for Astro-Start).  It took all of fifteen minutes and we were back in the truck and on our way home.  The whole experience was worth it only because Murray loved sitting on Santa's lap.  A fuzzy picture and five dollars later we headed home to show Daddy.

Anyway, if we don't find jobs somewhere warm, I just might lose my mind.  For those of you who think I've already lost it, you're right; I live in Minnesota.  "Grumpy Old Men" makes this weather look fun.  But that's Hollywood for you.  Everything is perfect.  The only great part about our state is lake season, but I can find water anywhere.

So hear I am, complaining about the weather, when most people that I know and love have many tragedies happening at the moment.  I'm blessed with the health of my family and friends and for that, I'm grateful.  Spring will come eventually and until then, you won't recognize me because I will be completely covered in blankets, hats, mittens, and scarves in triple layers with Astrro-Start at the ready.

Seasons Greetings!

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