It's Sunday afternoon, and Craig and I are watching the Vikings; finally a fun game to watch.

Craig is hanging in there, but I fear what boredom will do to him.  Last night he couldn't sleep, so he sent me to the couch.  It apparently didn't help, because he's tired today.  He's also getting a tad ornery, but I can't blame him.  It must be terrible to be stuck on the couch or in bed all day for this long (and he still has at least another week).  He told me today that his goal was to have his brace off by January 9th, because that's when Murray's first hockey season begins.  I wanted to tell him that even if his brace is off by then, he won't be taking to the ice any time soon.  I just didn't want to dash his hopes; anything is possible.

In the mean time, I'm attempting to keep up with the housework, but hit I a road bump on Thursday night.  For some reason strange reason, my right calf spasmed and I could hardly walk for two days.  It's better now, though a little sore, but at least I'm functional again.  I'm thinking it was probably nerves.  So it seems that with every step forward, I take two back.  My sister walked in the door yesterday and said, "What happened to your house?  You write about cleaning all the time!"  I've gotten to the point of realizing that our home isn't going to be perfect any time soon, or maybe ever.  It's sanitary, but there is just "stuff" everywhere.  So, if you come over for a visit, I'm apologizing in advance now.

Anyway, we're going to finish watching the Vikings and then it's off to a family dinner, which I'm looking forward to.  Craig hasn't been out of the house since the accident, and though he would love to join us, he's home bound.  Thanks to the H family in advance for bringing dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is my first day of training at what will become my new job in January.  I'm very excited!

Happy Sunday, Monday will be here before we know it.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I hope you'll tell me more about your new job. I've missed some of your updates. Excited for you and what the new year is sure to bring. :)