Clark W.: An Update

We just returned from Craig's 2-week follow up appointment.  He went in feeling confident that he would be back to work at least part-time.  I had my doubts, but went with it.

The CT Scan showed no change in his injury.  It was interesting to finally see the slides and disheartening to realize how serious this injury is.  The good news is that he will recover.  The bad news is that he is not allowed to go back to work until March 21 (at least), surgery is still a possibility, and his mobility will remain the same for the next 12-16 weeks.  We are both disappointed but are grateful that this is not worse.  We are well aware of how devastating spinal cord injuries can be and thank God every day that he'll be okay.

So it's time to break out the big guns.  Instant Netflix, a purchase of an upgraded lap top that he'll be able to play Civilization on, and probably some different furniture/devices that will aid in his recovery.  He just exclaimed, "This is horse crap, sweetie.  I am never going on the roof again."  I'm in complete agreement.  The highlights of his day right now are watching "Let's Make a Deal", "Judge Joe Brown", and if he's really lucky, someone takes him out for lunch.

So, we're facing a slight road bump, but it's not a mountain or even a hill, and we'll get through this!  Craig is resting after a long morning, and then I'll take him to see his boss and our human resources guru (God bless Ilene).  Thanks for your support and prayers! 

Oh - and by the way, Wade, Jon and Troy, get ready to take Murray to hockey on Thursday nights!
This message was officially approved by Craig Beckerleg, A.K.A. Clark W. Griswold.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Oh boy, that sounds really tough, for both of you. Marie, please please let me know if there's something I can do to help. I really need to just do and not ask but I also don't want to trample on anyone, so I hope you'll reach out. If nothing else, let's plan our winter get together soon, okay?


Marie said...

Thanks, Rox, I will certainly reach out if need be!