Not a Partridge in a Pear Tree, But Even Better

The following is just a a TINY sample of things I'm grateful for.  Merry Christmas!
1:  Einstein loves me (but that could be because I have been filling in as the food provider).
2:  Both hounds like to wear the traditional red ribbon but were not excited about the candy cane headbands.
3:  New windshield wipers are most awesome.
5:  Christmas can still be exceptional, even if you are sad.
6:  Kirby does not appreciate Christmas bows (insert hissing, growling and a major fit that was so not worth it).
7:  Midnight Mass is fabulous (my first MM - we usually go Christmas morning).
8:  Murray is blessed, but we can't fit his Christmas presents in our house.  If you see a lot of debris on our street, it's because our house is bursting at the seams (that happens when you have 2 one-hundred pound dogs, a 20 pound cat and a three-year-old person).
9:  Our home is my castle and it doesn't matter how large or small it is (but if you want to hire me a cleaning person, no objections here;  I have the number of a great lady).
10: I bought three more dog beds so that Rudy, Nala, Kirby and Murray (yep, Murray too)  would all have a warm, soft place to sleep (better on our floor than in the the bed kicking our heads).
11:  I had no idea that Craig was so particular about his socks (eight years together, but it took a fall off the roof for me to discover this silly fact).
12:  I am incredibly blessed;  I have a roof over my head, food to eat, animals to love, and the best part?  My family.  Thank you, Craig, Mags, Dad, Murray and ALL OF YOU for making my life what it is. 
God Bless, Ree

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