Lazy Days

I'm having a lazy Saturday morning.  I know that I MUST get this house in order before the end of the day, but I'm using the excuse that I can't use my hands for a few hours because I just had a manicure (but typing is obviously okay).  Besides, Craig is resting, Murray is with the Grandparents, so that leaves me to some quiet time.   I also have this ridiculous addiction to Edgemont, which airs on CW every Saturday.  Ahhh....the beauty of "me" time.

Our shopping is nearly finished except for a few items to pick up tomorrow. As much as I dreaded black Friday (my first), it turned out to be worth it.  The rest of the gifts have been purchased online, so I don't have to battle the crowds more than once.  And believe me, once was enough.

My new Rumor Touch arrived yesterday.  I had been using my sister's Blackberry, but I discovered that I am not, and never will be a fan of them.  My new phone isn't as fancy, but it's user-friendly for someone like me, who is not tech-savvy.

So, a rather boring post today, but I just felt like writing.  We continue to do well and are adjusting to our "new normal".  Blessing for a very Merry CHRISTmas.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, oh, sounds lovely to have some me time during the Advent season, when being still for a bit by yourself is imperative. Even though you were not completely still, I'm sure it was still restorative.

Have a wonderful Christmas, friend!