No Shirt, No Work

On the ride home this evening, Murray pointed out where Craig works and the following discussion ensued:

Murray:     "Mama, Dad not at work?"
Me:          "No, Dad got hurt, remember?"
Murray:    "Oh, he fall off roof.  He can't go to work 'cause he no shirt to put on." (insert silent laughter here). 
Me:          "Why doesn't daddy have a shirt?"
Murray:    "Because he fell off the roof, MOM!"

 After a lengthy discussion about getting hurt and getting dressed, we walked in the door and Murray cried, "DAD, you don't have a shirt but you can do dishes!"  Oh, be still my heart.  My son gets it. 

I do my best to make sure that my husband is clothed, but he gets extremely hot while wearing his brace, so he wears a cotton tank underneath that the prosthetics company provided, and nothing over the brace.  

For Heaven's sake.  The boy is three years old.  Where does he come up with his chatter? Peace Garden Mama has precious stories about her son's hysterical dialog and points out that we will miss these words and ideas before we know it.

Embrace the innocence!
P.S.  Craig biggest concern is that he can't take Murray to open skate, as he starts MYH Tots in January.  Volunteers needed!  I'll be on the ice too, but I'm afraid my figure skating isn't up to teaching a three-year-old.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Uncle Wade would love to take him!


Brad said...

C'mon, now I know this is fiction - Murray is only now noticing his dad's aversion to clothes?!? - we've been begging him to cover up and dress modestly for YEARS!

Marie said...

True Story! :)

LutherLiz said...

I just got caught up and am so sorry about Craig's accident. I hope all is healed and well soon!