A 40 Hour Week? Yikes!

Murray has been sleeping since 6pm. I'm concerned, but I called my Grandma, and she said it's fine, especially since he has an ear infection. I'm still worried because he he only had a banana for a snack at 5:30, but after that he was so crabby that I put him down. He's out like a light. The old adage is true: Never, ever, ever wake a sleeping baby. We'll probably be up at 3am.

I'm working full time this week, due to vacations for my co-workers. It's hard to wake up so early, but I'm sure it's just as hard for Craig to do pick-up and drop-off with Murray. Not an easy task when it's this cold (0h, poor us). I sound like I'm whining, but I'm not. I'll go back to my lovely part time hours next week.

Today, being my first day full-time in quite a while, I forgot my keys to t0 the office and ran our of gas in the meantime. What a Monday! Everything was solved quickly; the building manager of our office suites let me in and brought some gas on the way. Gotta love Keith and Health Source for letting me hang out and have coffee while I waited.

It will be warmer soon; have faith!

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