Parenting Lessons

I recently posted about Murray's tantrums. This clip is a mild tantrum - they are usually much worse. It's kind of funny, really, but it does get old after a while.

Speaking of Murray, we finally took him to the pediatrician, and it turns out he has an ear infection in both ears. Poor kid. We waited all week because he didn't have a fever, but the coughing wasn't getting any better. Seems I've become a bit less paranoid as a mom which is a good thing, because I was so nervous at first that I could hardly enjoy him. Now, though, I may have gone to the other extreme-I really should have taken him in on Monday. Live and learn.

I've had quite a few eye openers regarding parenting in the past 14 months. First of all, Craig and I were firm believers that our children would never use pacifiers. That changed quickly, when he began using me as a pacifier (I was nursing). Now we're weaning him from the "nook", but this is no easy task. I've also learned to expect the unimaginable; that our house will never be as perfectly clean as it was pre-Murray, and to never say never.

Wade and Kristine were finally able to take Mariana "home" with them to their hotel in Bogota. She is so gorgeous, and I am so, so happy for them. God bless you, Lovejoy's!

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Oh, the poor lil dude. Sorry about the ear infections. Not fun for anyone! I'll bet that's what brought on the tantrums... Also, I would consider this a very mild tantrum. Let's just say, I've seen worse, but I know it's all relative. I hope this is as intense as it gets. :)
Get well Murray!