Let It Snow (Not Really)

It was my turn to sleep in today, so I slept on and off until about 10:30am. The problem with a small house is that it's noisy, especially with Murray banging on the piano at 7:30am. It was still nice, and when I woke up, I went to Barnes and Noble with a friend. I absolutely love that store and tend to spend too much money. My best purchase today was a Bible for Murray. I found the edition that I had as a child, and I'm looking forward to reading it; to him and me.

Tonight we are going to relax, watch football, and when it finally stops snowing, we'll try out our new-used snowblower. I'm very excited for this, as it's small enough for me to use, but big enough to do the job, and it has an electric start. For crying out loud, have we not had enough snow yet?

God bless you on these last moments of vacation.

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