Changes, Additions

Our morning routine is usually as follows:

6:30-7:00am - Murray is up; one of us is giving him breakfast, the other showering.
6:45 - Both dogs need to go outside.
6:47- Cat is racing toward the stairs, begging to be fed.
6:49 -Cat is fed, laundry is in.
7:00- Craig and I switch spots so the other can shower.
7:15 - Dogs back in.
7:30 - Craig feeds dogs while Murray is STILL eating because after a whole banana, 2 eggs, toast and milk, he's still hungry.
7:45 - Murray is hopefully done eating so Craig can dress him while I finish getting ready for work.
7:50 - Murray is dressed, Craig leaves for work; I'm trying to find my shoes.
8:00 - I'm finally ready, but Murray is unhappy that dad is gone, so it takes several minutes to soothe him.
8:05 - I'm starting to sweat because the dogs have been fed, but still need water; I'm trying to throw something in my bag semi-healthy for lunch, all while finishing the breakfast dishes.
8:10 - Murray is in his full winter gear, but a strong odor is wafting from his behind.
8:20 - I've changed and dressed him again, and it seems as though we're finally ready to go. Wait! I need my coat, shoes, cell phone, purse and keys. Can't find keys.
8:30 - Find keys, off to daycare. Struggle to get Murray undressed in warm car, buckled in, and we're on our way.
8:35 - Get Murray dressed again in warm car, run into daycare, fill out his slip, kiss him goodbye, and sigh, I'm finally off to work.

The funny thing is, when we were expecting Murray; we heard the usual "parenting will change your life". Change? I think not. Up heave? A bit more appropriate. For example, this morning, Craig went to the grocery store at 7:15 for diapers, paper towels, and toilet paper. We laughed about it because we never imagined taking a trip to Hornbacher's at that hour.

I wouldn't change any of it for the world, but yet, can't imagine what will happen when we add to our family. I know we'll adapt - this is the best kind of chaos I could imagine.

Because of this crazy routine, Craig has offered to do drop-off twice a week. Today was the first day. I fed and dressed Murray while Craig showered, and when he returned from the grocery store, he packed up Murray and off they went. I was amazed at what a huge difference this made in my morning. First, I finished cleaning up from breakfast. Then, I vacuumed and picked up a bit. Finally, I took a leisurely shower, took my time applying make up, dressing, etc. My hair was even still semi-styled when I arrived at work. Usually, it's a frazzled mess by the time I'm finished shuffling everything around, despite my efforts to primp before leaving home. I even had time to stop at the dry cleaners.

My point is, I'm living in the moment, and loving every second. []

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