He's Home!

I'm thrilled to report that Craig is home. I am so lucky to have married my soul-mate (even if he is very busy). Don't get me wrong, Murray and I do fine on our own, but I feel complete when he is with us (that's not to say that we don't need time apart; everyone does). The house still isn't perfect, but with a bit of help yesterday we at least have a semblance - though small - of order.

It looks to be a quiet week which I am grateful for. My temp job gets better every day as I become more knowledgeable; thus more confident. Lacy, who I will be filling in for while she is on maternity leave is a patient and intelligent teacher. I'm afraid of how I will perform when she is away, though I know that I can think on my feet and this is a vital quality in any position. Plus, she has a binder of tutorials for the tough stuff, and I have almost filled an entire legal pad with notes and instructions.

Wish me luck,

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Maggie said...

Good Luck! Although, you are good at ANY job you do!