Open Forum

My site stats are way down lately, and I've narrowed down the reasons why to three:

1. I'm not posting enough
2. I'm posting too much
3. I'm just not that interesting

I recall that this happened about a year ago and wondered where everyone was. I think it's probably due mostly to reason number three, but I don't feel a bit bad about that. Blogging is my attempt to hone my writing skills, as well as vent, brag, question, connect and report. If I'm boring, oh well. Despite these sentiments, in an effort to encourage comments and readership, I have a new idea that I think will help my conquest. I am asking you to send me topic ideas for discussion. These can range from parenting to vacation spots to politics to rodents. Any idea is welcome. I don't care, I just want to make this blog a bit more fun and well, interesting! I will research anything you throw my way, so whatever it is you'd like to discuss, shoot me an email, pose a question or thought in my comment section, or find me on facebook.

The dogs are at the groomer at the moment and should be finished soon. I'm very excited to have them clean and most of all, less hairy. Plus, they both absolutely love to be groomed. They prance around like show dogs when I pick them up. Just my luck, it has to be raining today.

Don't forget to watch for the latest contest that I mentioned several weeks ago - I'm waiting until I reach 20,000 hits to my page.

With that, let's discuss!


Momma tackles 3 said...

I think your posts are interesting.....keep it up....really enjoyed the junk drawer one....funny how you counted things out.....

Youre a great girl Marie, thanks for the talk the other day things are improving....we will see about this referral calling today to get it!

Brad said...

I'll video the dancing guy in our row next week, and your blog will rival facebook for hits in a day..... true.

Marie said...

Thanks Katie - I'm glad we were able to connect and hope that you had some good news.

Brad - I am SO on it. Trust me, I believe you. I just hope he finally makes the "Dance Mania" cam this year! Thanks again for the ride today - it was fun to carpool!

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