How Do You Spell Alan Wrench?

It never ceases to amaze me what one can accomplish before 8 am. Murray actually slept until 6:15 today, God bless him. After brewing the first pot of coffee, I managed to cook a bacon and eggs breakfast while simultaneously cleaning the junk drawer. Here is a sample of what was in said drawer:

86 screws of all sizes (yes, I counted)

1 deck of playing cards still in the wrapper

1 partial deck of playing cards

4 alan wrenches and one tool with eight sizes of alan wrenches (funny that we can never find them when we need them)

14 dead batteries

2 rechargeable batteries (but we can't find the charger)

Several paper clips

$2.94 in change which went to the Operation Rice Bowl

1 remote control for the AC

1 disposable camera that needs to be processed - from the looks of it, it's from 1992

Several (broken) child safety devices

4 cough drops

1 putty knife which came in handy when I had to scrape the sticky cough drops from the bottom of the drawer

2 bottles of glitter

1 package of Pez

1 electronic poker game

2 players club cards to various casinos

1 hotel room key

1 cell phone that fell in the lake and doesn't work (why are we saving it?)

2 rolls of electrical tape

And a TON of other miscellaneous items.

The problem is that I don't know what to do with the random things that I couldn't part with. Some things were moved to another junk drawer (dumb, I know), others were filed under trash, and some were put back in my new "junk drawer organizer" for which I was relentlessly teased.

Did you know that I have a problem with cell phones getting wet? This morning when I was yanked out of bed by Murray, I grabbed my phone on the night stand only to discover that my water glass had leaked all over the phone. It's currently in white rice and I"m hoping it will be restored. Too bad the phone I found in the junk pile had the same diagnosis.

Tomorrow I plan to clean out my purse, which will probably be a much more challenging task than the junk drawer. Wish me luck.


maggie said...

So I can't wait to see what those pictures are from! It's probably one of dad's cameras before he updated. And I'm pretty sure that pez is from mom :) Ewwww, Craig is the only one of us that even likes pez! Good thing someone did, cause mom sure found pleasure in buying those.

Marie said...

You are right on, sis! I'll get them developed and we'll look at them together, although, I worry that some may be a bit lewd. .

maggie said...

What does lewd mean?

Marie said...

LOL Mags - lewd means unappropriate or disturbing in nature.