Compromise,Compromise, Compromise

Our new neighbor (Iwas unaware we had one) just knocked on the door to complain about the dogs. He was polite, but said that the barking was keeping him awake.
Me: "I'm so very sorry. What time do you sleep?"
Him: "About 12am to 10am."
Me: "Well we don't let them out after 9pm unless it's urgent, but now that it's spring, they like to be outside during the day."
Him: "If you could keep them from barking until at least 10:ooam, I would appreciate it."
Me: "We can do that, but they will have to go out in the morning to use the bathroom, but we'll let them right back in."
Him: "I like dogs, and I've heard you are very nice people, and I hate to complain, but I'm a very light sleeper."
Me: "Again, I am very sorry and will work with you as much as we can. I appreciate you telling us in person."

I have no problem letting the man sleep, and I appreciate the way he approached the situation. However, now the dogs won't be able to be out during the day because Craig and I are both at work by the time our neighbor gets up. I feel bad - for the man and the dogs. Maybe we'll have to get a bark collar, although I don't believe in shock treatment. Sigh. Just wait until the dog who lives across the street starts running aroun the neighborhood and barking.

I'm off to go shopping. When DH is away, Mama will play!
Special prayers to SATF - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!


Melinda said...

You were nicer than I would have been. I mean, I understand about barking dogs and sleep. But 10am??? I can see 8am....

Oh well, you sound like a good neighbor!

Marie said...

Thanks, Melinda. I figured if we started off on a good note and we work with him, maybe he'll be a bit understanding sometimes.