Is that how you spell that?????

I am completely out of the loop, too tired to think, much less write, so please bear with me.

Quick catch up: Overtime, strep throat (me last week), more overtime, Murray sick (last week), Craig misses work and volunteer activities due to Murray being sick, I work overtime on the weekend, all is well. So we think. Murray gets sick again yesterday, I'm still working my tail off so Craig can't work, now Craig is sick and I feel like a lot of dirt has hit the fan. There are a hundred other things that I am praying for and worrying about, but it's hard to get out of the box when all I can do is run, take care of sicklings, including me; run, run, work, work, and never mind anything to do with our home chores. Honestly, "Little Miss Picky" has done a complete one-eighty - I can't keep up and if you come to our house, well, so be it if it's a huge mess.

Now that I have THAT off my chest, I will tell you that I am quite happy. I love, love, love my job - although it's bad timing for me to be working so much - but some things I can do at home (said things I'm doing now, but have taken a break to post). I'm still hoping that this will turn into something permanant. GPIM is just that fantastic. I love what we do, who we do it for, and even the everyday "drudgery".

That said, I'm off to see if DH needs more ibufrofen, water or cough drops. After that, I will check Murray's temp, give myself another dose of antibiotics and ibuprofen, finish a bit more work and FINALLY, hit the hay. Tomorrow begins our billing cycle, so the more I accomplish at home, the less stressed I will be in the morning (one can dream, but still, I love it).

Please, keep reading. I promise to post more when I can. Thanks for your loyalty.
God Bless you this Easter/Passover,

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