Easter 2010

Christ is risen! How cool is that? God bless us all!

Murray and I took a trip to the emergency room this evening. I attempted to take him to the walk-in clinic, but they were closed, so to the e.r. we went. Three hours, two breathing treatments and a dose of steroids and we are finally at home. I know that croup is not as scary as a person might think, but to me it's horrific. I remained calm on the outside, but inside, my heart was breaking. He was terrified - I had to use physical force to hold him down during the breathing treatments - absolutely nothing would soothe him. The telemetry didn't help; the wires made his anxiety sky-rocket. Murray's tearful and downright demanding requests were as follows: "All done?" "Go home?" and "Croy's (Troy's) House?" (sorry, Stef) over, and over, and over. Finally, I promised him we would call Troy when we got home (which we did) and by the time the doctor checked in on us at 8:00, we were equipped with enough stickers to last us for several years. Murray wanted to go home so badly. I explained over and over that we would go home and be "all done" when the doctor said it was ok. After I repeated this for several hours, he suddenly stopped crying, put on his best "get me the heck out of here" look and shouted, "DOCTOR, DOCTOR!" To his credit, it worked. The doctor immediately responded and laughed, saying that he had never been summoned by a two-year-old, and that it was a good sign that he was good to go. Honestly, the child never ceases to amaze me. Now we are watching Curious George and getting ready for bed (better late than never) and I'm praying that we won't have to go in again for another treatment (I was warned that this is a possiblity).

Aside from the drama tonight, we had the best Easter. I was disappointed when my dad couldn't make it on Friday due to the huge storm west of Bismarck, but he surprised us all by showing up late Saturday afternoon. The power lines where he lives were down (still are and will be for the better part of a week) so he couldn't even get fuel until the generator arrived at the local gas station. Anyway, his visit was way too short, but wonderful. Today was so wonderful; we spent time with more family and I can now retire on Murray's earnings from his Easer egg hunt (pictures to follow soon). I swear he made more money today than I do in a week.

I'm off to bed, although not necessarily to sleep. Murray will take Craig's spot in the bed, and even though we have a king-size, I know that I will wake up with bruised ribs. Nala will join us until she gets too hot and I make her get off the bed, Rudy will go back and forth (alternatly doing security duty and comfort Marie duty) and the cat will sleep wherever he darn well pleases, making it impossible to get away from the two-year-old iron feet. But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. Life is good.

Hope you had a blessed Easter.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie! Hey there, friend. Happy Easter! I'm so sorry to hear about the ER but what a honey that little Murray is! I love his little utterances -- and BIG utterances too! Poor lil dude. By the way, we had the same situation with my mom not being able to get here on Friday as planned. I am so happy to have her here now for a bit -- she'll be leaving tomorrow (boo hoo) but it's been awesome having her around. Can't believe that blizzard -- crazy stuff! Be blessed and let me know when Murray is well so we can have our gals' night out!

Marie said...

Thanks, Roxane! I miss you! We'll have to wait a week to get together - Craig is out of town all week for training. What does your work week look like next week? Otherwise, you could always come over for wine and apps!
Hope you had a blessed Easter. I'm glad your mom made it after all!

LutherLiz said...

Scary about Murray. We've had some bronchitis here and the breathing stuff is scary. Thankfully we have a nebulizer here at home now.

Hope he's feeling better.