Curlers and Connundrums

And. . . we're off. To a new week that is. There is something about Sundays that I find a bit sad, but more importantly, I feel excited for the week ahead. Part of it is that I (for less than another month) get to go to work. The other part, of course is the fact that I'm a physical contribution to this great planet. The best part? Spending the week with DH and Murray, not to mention the prospect of getting together with friends. Because Craig was absent last week, the thought of having the three of us together - if only for 4 days (he travels again on Thursday, then again next weekend for a political convention) - is a wonderful sensation. Murray and I really miss him when he is away. That said, we love him for his passion, work ethic, and dedication to our family.

Tonight I am sitting here in my pink foam curlers, praying for awesome hair tomorrow. I don't have my 6-week cut and color until Tuesday, so I'm improvising. I can't stand it when my hair is out of whack. Besides, wearing these silly foam contraptions reminds me of my mom. And even though she always got good results, time will tell what will happen when it was me, not her that rolled up my damp hair. If Craig makes fun of me one more time, I may put curlers in his hair while he is sleeping.

With that; good night, and if you see Craig with a 'fro, (or maybe bald?) it wasn't me!

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, thanks for the reminder of those pink sponge curlers. :) What a fun image. Better yet on Craig!