Language Logistics

Murray is n bed but that doesn't mean he is sleeping. The latest request from my darling boy was "Mama cover up me". That done, I'm hoping I can have 30 minutes to relax and then hit the hay myself. Craig is traveling - again - and I am so tired that I can't think straight. With that, I'm leaving you with the latest "Murray-isms".

"Fine, mama, time" (he put himself in a timeout)

'No daddy work, no work!" (Craig had to travel again)

Me: "Let's have fun while daddy goes to work." Murray: "NO FUN!"

While riding in the car today Murray clearly states, "Fun at Lynnies. Co (Cole), Awee (Allie) and Own (Owen), we play. Fun mama!"

When wanting to swing: "Spider gone? No spider!" (he made wide circles around the swing until both Criag and I assured him that said spider was gone).

The latest from his room: "Mama I wake up, cold, cover please!"

My mom was right. I clearly remember her telling me that when your child learns to speak, you will evaluate your own language tendencies. For instance, Murray says, "mere daddy", instead of "come here, daddy". He also uses slang such as 'mon (for c'mon which isn't correct anyway and I'm so guilty if saying that) as well as many other goofy expressions. Some of this, I realize, is part of the learning process. My fear is that he will grow up saying things like, "I seen the sign the other day" or "It don't happen overnight" and the like. Either way, Craig and I are astounded at this advance in vocabulary. It's almost like it happened overnight. I've heard many parents state the same; one day, their two-year-olds' are impossible to understand and the next day, words are not only clear, but stated with absolute conviction. Yikes. I only hope we're ready for this.

On the other hand, I'm sure there are professionals out there who thing my grammar is appalling. My hope is that we can all learn from one another.

I'm off to dream about double negatives.

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