Folicle Fiasco

Well, the pink foam curlers certainly worked, in fact, they worked a little too well. I was so excited to take them out this morning, but after the first one, I knew I was in trouble with a capital T. This wasn't even a bad hair day; it was a hair disaster. I looked like Nellie from Little House on the Prairie, only Nellie's curls didn't stick straight up in the air. Brushing it only made it worse, which made me look like a St. Bernard with a perm. Murray pointed and giggled at "mama hair!" and Craig laughed and laughed and laughed. I ended up with a pony tail. I realized that my hair reached my waist when my mom would put curlers in my hair, which is the key to success with pink foam rollers. Ah well, I'll save them until I have a little girl and put her through the same torture that my mom put me through. I almost took a picture for posterity, but then realized that no one would want to see it. Tomorrow is back to straight hair and then I will have my monthly cut and color. Lesson learned: Pink foam rollers do not work when you are over the age of seven or over the age of 95.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I have to share with you my story of pink sponge curlers when we get together. I'll just say this: sometimes, they don't work when you're seven, either. :)