Attack of the Dust Bunnies

A dear friend recently told me that she was "tackling some pre-spring cleaning projects" on the weekends. I should preface this with a bit of background about her. Stef is one of the most creative, organized, giving and incredibly hard-working people I've had the gift of knowing. Not only is she the Martha Stewart (but much kinder) of the tri-state region, she has her MBA and is extremely successful career -wise. That probably isn't a just description of her, but you'd have to know her to understand how truly awesome she is. I don't get how she does it. She and her husband have even helped us with many of our projects around the house. Painting the bathroom, re-decorating with the things we already have, and the like.

That said, the fact that she is working full-time (most likely more than your average 40 hours/week) made me stop dead in my tracks. Here I am, home all day, moping around in my pj's and sleeping way too much when I could be taking advantage of my time and getting some much needed housework done. I don't mean the regular cleaning; I mean things like clearing out accumulated "stuff", cleaning behind and under furniture, and getting the closets relatively functional. So anyway, thanks to Stef, today I made a list and vow to finish it before I go back to work (if that ever happens). I accomplished item number one: Cleaning our bedroom. I was appalled at the things I cleared out from under the bed. I even flipped the mattress, trashed the yellowed, yucky bed skirt and dusted and vacuumed every surface. I am feeling pretty proud of myself at the moment. I'm hoping it was just what I needed to get some motivation back.

Tomorrow is our long-overdue date night. We are just going to an early movie and dinner (and probably to sleep early too), but it will be some much-needed adult time for us. We always come home from date night feeling renewed as a couple and it helps us to stay on the same page. Besides, Murray will get a special night at his Grandpa and Grandma's house, one of his four favorite places to have overnights.

I'm off to wrack my brain for something to serve for dinner. I forgot to take anything out of the freezer this morning, so it may have to be grilled cheese and tomato soup.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I sometimes think it's much harder to have a clean home when you're at home with kids. When you've had a chance to get out, be refreshed in the way of not having to face down all the grunge every moment, it seems easier to tackle the housework in an organized fashion. When you're in it all day, it's easy to overlook certain things. I guess what I'm saying is, just because you're home more doesn't mean you'll be perfect Becky Homecky. Give yourself a break, clean a bit, but keep enjoying your little guy and dreaming a bit, too. :)

Marie said...

Thanks for your words of wisdom, Roxane. As usual, you hit the nail on the head. I'm erasing some of the guilt in my head! Hope all is well with you!