Tots, Toys, and the Terrible Two's

When Murray was a baby, toys were pretty easy to manage. His first Christmas we didn't purchase anything for him because he was only 6 weeks old. The second Christmas rolled around and we kept our buying to a minimum. This year, his third Christmas, I have to admit that I went a little crazy. Not only did I go nuts spoiling him, but so did his aunts and uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents as well as his great aunts and uncles (I prefer to refer to the greats as regular grandparents and aunts and uncles, but for posterity, I included the great because, well, they are great). Anyway, I spent a good portion of a day last week packing up toys that he no longer uses and/or has forgotten. What I realized is that the older he gets, the more little parts and pieces there are to keep track of. I feel that I spend a ton of time running around making sure that things like the Handy Manny tools are in their tool box, the Lego's are in correct bin, the puzzle pieces match up and the seventy-nine Matchbox cars are out from under foot. Don't get me wrong, we are so pleased to be as blessed as we are. It's just that baby toys are much easier to keep track of than a toddler's. Murray is super at helping to pick up (thanks to Lyn) but I stocked up on cheap see-through boxes today and with the help of Maggie's label maker I plan to get a bit more organized.

I don't think Murray received a gift this year that he didn't absolutely love. Wait, I take that back. Santa brought him a new outfit and the second he opened it, he threw the clothes aside and was digging through the box looking for more toys. Needless to say, we're going to have to reign him in. With his birthday and Christmas so close, he thinks Santa should drop off some gifts every weekend. So, while I will be sending out thank-you notes (plan for those to arrive with the Beckerleg Christmas card), we are very appreciative, especially Murray.

We had a fantastic time with my dad, Miss Maddie, Maggie and her new beau, "Q". It was just awesome to be together and of course my dad (the real live Santa) made our belated Christmas just perfect. We spent a couple of hours with my Aunt Sue, Uncle Pat, Flynn and Casey yesterday. I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time. I am so glad to have them close.

I cried when my Dad left this morning, and we all miss Maddie. Although it is quite a bit less chaotic around here without a four-month old puppy. Even so, I'd welcome her any day, any time. For being so young, Dad is doing a fantastic job of training her and she's really a sweetheart. I know that Rudy misses her; he finally had someone to play with which they did almost non-stop.

Last but not least, Craig and I didn't have a lot of time to visit with my Dad or spend time with Murray. Murray spent two days hauling my dad around the house from toys to meals, to playing and singing songs. My dad has always had a giant heart when it comes to children, but when it comes to his grandson, well, I guess even a reformed Grinch couldn't compete with my dad. Murray has him completely wrapped around his finger and they have a pretty cool bond. My cup runneth over.

Good night, friends.


Heather said...

i once heard that to make the most out of toys that children receive for birthdays or holidays are to only give them 2-3 new ones at a time therefore they will actually play with them longer than a couple minutes or days. This is probably more for when they are older but it might help keeping things more organized. Just an idea. It sounds as if you had a great Christmas. Hope you have a great new years as well.

Marie said...

Thanks for the tip Heather! I have heard of this trick, but forgot about it in my excitement this year. Tomorrow when he goes back to daycare I plan to "store" some of his toys and switch them out now and again. I'm glad you reminded me! Happy holidays!