Mass-Mania 2

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Tonight we opted for the Saturday evening Mass versus the Sunday morning service. We don't intend to do that again. Apparently, children are preferred at the Sunday morning 10:30 Mass. Murray behaved as well as a two-year-old is able to behave, but it was obvious that our fellow parishioners didn't appreciate having a small child at church (we sat in the second to the last pew in order to be able to exit quickly should the need arise). Murray was pretty well behaved, even more so than usual - except for when he sang out of turn and clapped for "more?" when the men's choir finished their first song. I suppose we could also add the time near the end of Mass that he shouted "mama" as loud as he could over and over until the only 2 other children in church began to repeat him, thus starting a "mama shouting war". I hauled Murray out and when he was ready to settle down, we returned to our pew. We honestly believed that we would be welcomed at any service, but we thought wrong. We couldn't believe the rude stares and shushes we received, even though Murray was trying his best (and we were trying our best) to behave. It makes me sad because I want to be welcomed in God's house no matter what service we choose to attend and tonight Craig and I both felt uncomfortable. But I do feel though, that God knows that we were there and He loves all of his unruly children, even us adults. We'll just have to sit in the "crying room" (do they still call it that?) next time we decide to go to church on a Saturday evening. I don't want to compromise anyone elses' experience at Mass; everyone deserves peace at church, no matter the religion, but where do you find balance?

My question is this: When did our religious practices become so darn political? I'm feeling pretty sad about church right now and plan to have a long discussion with Father, but I would appreciate your thoughts.


Momma tackles 3 said...

Screw everyone is your experience at Mass too. God wants his children you think "in biblical times" that every child sat still and listen..yeah RIGHT!!!
Continue to attend Mass and shush the people back when they shush you! they are the ones making the scene! People are "immune" to kids, not adults making the children be quiet!

You are awesome and tell me next time and I will beat down anyone who shushs you!!!!

God bless!!!

Marie said...

Katie, you are spot on! Father Raul said exactly what you said when we were in TGP a few weeks ago after Mass (see Mass Mania). The problem is, well, I guess it doesn't matter. We are in God's Home and He wants us to join Him. We will. Thanks for your thoughts - I appreciate you very much!
God Bless you too!

Mom, Dad, Grant and Dylan said...

children have every right to be at mass just like everyone else. Just ignore the stares and the looks. It's important for you to have Murray there with you and that's all that matters. We have always taken the boys to church with us and not in the nursery. I believe it's very important to have them participate with you as a family. So ask them if they have children or grandchildren next time they look at you and ask if they would do the same with their own? Hugs!

Marie said...

Thanks, Sara. I agree wholeheardtedly. I would rather have him with us and teach him how to behave in church, even if he isn't perfect! Thanks for your thoughts.
Hugs back!