"I Fall Down Couch"

To the contest winners: Your prizes have been mailed and you should receive them tomorrow. I apologize for the wait - it's been a bit crazy around here.

I had a bit of a medical scare over the weekend, and am pleased to report that it turned out to be an infection and not something more serious. I can't tell you how relieved I am and have said many thank you prayers. Now it's just a matter of the antibiotics to kick in and I should be back to my old self.

Murray update: We are constantly amazed at how much he's learning. Everyday it's something new. Lately, we are thrilled that he is using two and three-word phrases. Yesterday, for example:
Me: "Please sit on your bottom, or you will fall off the couch."
Murray: "NOOOOO!"
Three seconds later, Murray responds: "I fall down couch". Hysterical laughter and giggling follows.

I just love this new form of communication. Now, if we could just break him of the whining habit. . .

I have a phone interview this morning, for a position that I'm extremely excited about. I won't say more until I know more myself, but some prayers would be appreciated.

Brace yourself for the snow, soon we'll be shoveling. . .again. At least it's good exercise!

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