Monday Mutterings

We had a pretty busy weekend, but it was a good one. Craig and I went to a movie on Friday and slept until 10:00am on Saturday (Murray was having a sleep over at the Beckerleg's)! I can't say enough about how wonderful date night is not only for our marriage (and catching up on sleep), but our whole family. By lunch time on Saturday, we missed Murray so much that we were crazy to pick him up. I just love those MAMA and DADDY shrieks when he greets us if we've been away from him.

Troy and Stef came over for dinner and a movie on Saturday. We made (some) homemade Chinese (Craig made his pot stickers and I made egg rolls). Stef brought the most amazing hot spinach dip and sugar cookies (much to Murray's delight). It was great way to spend a cold Saturday night.

Yesterday we took Murray to open skate at the high school. Poor Craig - his knees were screaming at him by the time we finished - he skated in a squat so he could hold Murray. I tried to help, but am not a very strong skater so it was best for everyone on the rink if I skated on my own. We tried to get Murray to push a chair, but he's just too darn independent. He must feel he has more control if we're holding his hands. I'm glad he loves to skate so much, but I don't care for the tears when it's time to get off the ice.

Speaking of Murray, it's Catholic Schools Week this week. I almost cried when I realized that next year, my baby will be in the pre-school class at St. Joseph's school. EEK! Anyway, tonight we're going to the open house at the school to tour the facilities, since at this time next year, he'll already be attending.

I just finished paying bills and it was nice to be able to pay my own bills with my own money. Now if I can just find a permanent job, I'll be in good shape. I'm seriously considering going back to bartending or serving until something comes along. I still haven't heard about the job I interviewed for, but I'm assuming it's a big fat no. There's also been discussion of finishing up my degree, so who knows? Time will tell.


Momma tackles 3 said...

isnt Murray just turning three in Nov??? or am I off a year? I can't remember! nathan will be in the 4 yr old 5 days/week program...he is SO excited!!!!

Marie said...

Hi Katie -

No, Murray turned 2 in November. After checking into it, I don't think he'll be able to get in next year due to his late birthday. :( Glad for Nathan though!