It's A Process

I had the best day today, despite some bad news (then again, I was expecting it). I finally received a rejection letter in the mail from MSUM. I'm bummed, but like I said, I knew it was coming. I know that God has another path for me. I do have a temp position in the works, but for the money they are offering, it's probably not going to work out. It would be a great position (in the media, which is my niche), but it doesn't really make sense, considering unemployment wages. I was gung-ho to accept, but after talking it over with Craig, am re-thinking. He is so sensible.

On a good note, Murray and I had the whole day together. We made Valentine's cards for his friends (and a huge mess), went to lunch with Mags, took a long nap together, and then played outside for over an hour. Craig is home now, and we're conversing about our day over a cocktail. Does it get any better?

Next week I will have Murray at home again, while our care provider is on a well-deserved vacation. In the mean time, I'm thrilled to have him home. Some of you might be thinking that I should keep him home while I'm unemployed, but I have two reasons for sending him to daycare: One, we pay for it anyway and we absolutely don't want to lose our spot (all three of us just LOVE Lyn, and Murray is always asking for his friends); two, I like to keep him in a routine because I will be going back to work (hopefully sooner than later) and I don't want to upset his schedule. Some may think that this makes me an unfit or unloving mother, but it's the opposite. Our goal is Murray's ultimate happiness.

I'm off to visit with DH - he gets a bit annoyed when I blog - I've missed him today. Whatever your Super Bowl plans may be, have a safe and fun weekend.



Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, you will find your path. I think God is giving you this time with Murray, and at home to just contemplate life and your next move. I understand and antsy feelings, but also, the need to cherish the gift of your current situation. I know you are and that's great. Give it all to God!

Marie said...

Thanks, Roxane. Yes, I am most definately living in the moment and loving every minute. I know that God has a plan, and He will lead the way when I'm ready. Thanks for being such a wise faithful friend.