Rest In Peace, Dear Rogee

It's eight o'clock on Monday evening, and I'm sitting here listening to a repeated "MAMA, MAMA", as Murray attempts sleep. The two of us had a pretty great - but long - day, and the fact that Craig had to be at the SAL tonight didn't help. Murray was sad when he left after being home for just twenty minutes.

I'm hoping for nice temps tomorrow so that we can play outside. We both need some fresh air, but after a very busy weekend, we were too tired to do anything but play inside. I even managed to put the train set together, which is a huge feat for me.

We had very sad news yesterday. One of my dad's best friends (as well as long time family friend) passed away suddenly. If you read the Fargo Forum when my mom died, he was the man holding Maggie and (a very pregnant) me; one of us each under his arms. Roger was a beautiful person; he will be extremely missed. I wish that I had more words, but I'm still in shock. That said, we will get the convoy going and go to Roger's (Rogee's as we called him) service on Wednesday. Please say some prayers for he and his family.

More soon,


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, sorry about the loss of your dear family friend. It's always hard to face the voids our dear ones leave behind. But they are drawing us toward our own life-after-this-one. I hope the service is healing for you.

Momma tackles 3 said...

Sorry to hear about your loss!