Someday I will be playing piano on a grand stage with dancers surrounding me.

Someday I will dance with the stars even though I can't dance.

Someday, I will be humble and never worry what the world thinks.

Someday, I will be a great mom; practice makes perfect.

Someday, I will skate like I never have before.

Someday, I will be sorry for the time I didn't spend on the important things.

Someday, I will swim and swim and swim until I can't swim any more.

Someday, I will wonder if I was right in the world and then know that I am and was.

Someday, I will watch over you, protect you and be your guide.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, this is beautiful. I assume you wrote it? I have had a lot of "someday" thoughts as well. It's important that we dream, and always stay mindful what's around the bend. :)

Marie said...

Thank you, Roxane. It just sort of poured out of my hand while I was typing - if only writing were always this simple!


maggie said...

Thanks for being the best sister ever! Sorry I never tell you that enough! I am glad that we were raised the way we were!

Marie said...

OH Mags, thank YOU for being the best sister and friend I could ask for. I would be lost without you. I know Mom is smiling down at us from heaven. I remember when she was sick, and we were supposed to go to her house together, but something came up and one of us couldn't make it. She said to me, "I know you and Maggie can be the neatest friends ever." Guess what? We are! Love you!