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I am honored to be a recipient of an award given by Melinda, author of Getting Things Write. Now it is my pleasure to pay it forward, so to speak, to seven (actually there are eight) other bloggers. The authors are listed after the following list: Seven Interesting About Me:

1. Bill Murray (the actor) is my (late) mom's second cousin, as well as the rest of his siblings. The Murray family consists of several actors, including my favorite, Tena May.

2. I was almost finished with my teaching degree when I decided to change directions and now work in advertising.

3. We are lucky enough to be able to visit my Grandparents' lake home. This is our world; there is nothing better than being at the lake with G&G. We usually aren't concerned about the weather, we are just thrilled to be with them.

4. Craig and I met through a former boyfriend of mine - a mutual friend - and now we consider he and his wife very important to us. In fact, Mr. H's mom is our daycare provider.

5. I don't care for chocolate or sweets, but bring on the french fries and red meat.

6. I am in the middle of careers, but am having a blast temping for the Sales Assistant at a local radio group. I LOVE MEDIA!

7. If I'm not sleeping by 9:00pm I'm very, very cranky for the entire day.

I'm not really sure if any of this is interesting, but I promised to join in. I now challenge the following eight bloggers (in no particular order):

1. Top Mom

2. Peace Garden Mama

3. Marketing Mama

4. Luther Liz

5. Getting Things Write

6. Peace Garden Mama

7. Th Rugrats We Love

8. Tackling Three

It's been a crazy week, to say the least. My dad came for a visit, along with his puppy, Maddy. Rudy and Nala are all played out.

I started my new temp job at Great Plains Integrated Marketing and love it.

Murray has been wonderful at sleeping in his new bed; except for last night. He woke up at 1:00am demanding to eat and complaining that his ear hurt. Tylenol didn't help, and we finally broke our rule and put him in bed with us. He seems to be fine today, just tired, so we'll see what happens.

We have more family coming into town this afternoon for a visit. She is staying at a local hotel which means (barring an ear infection) that Murray will be able to go swimming. This also means that I will be in the water with him until my skin is as dry as dehydrated fruit.

Last, but not least, Maggie will begin her professional career (almost a year after earning her degree) in a couple of weeks. She was offered a paralegal position at a local law firm. Needless to say, we are all very proud of her! Congrats Mags!

I'm off the rest before I begin round two of pandemonium. Enjoy the weekend!

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LutherLiz said...

Thanks Marie! You are so sweet. I answered some for when I first got it.