Let's Talk Seriously (and please,wash your hands)

Before we even thought or knew about H1N1, we were aware that we needed to stop spreading germs. Now that things have become more serious than ever, we MUST take every precaution. I've preached about this before, but I have two issues that need to be taken vitally:

1. Washing hands. Yes, I know this is common knowledge, but many people don't understand proper hand washing technique. One of my very close friends is a health inspector. The rules are to scrub VIGOROUSLY; underneath nails and jewlery (especially rings), on top and bottom of hands, between fingers and up to the elbows (pretend you are a surgeon). Then completely dry and use a paper towel to touch the faucet, door knob, etc. on your way out of whereever you washed.

Bring on issue number 2: IF YOU ARE SICK, DO NOT GO TO WORK, DO NOT GO ANYWHERE! For crying out loud, stay home, rest and heal, and then disinfect your home, and again, DO NOT COME TO WORK! I know the guilty feeling about not reporting to your job, but really, our safety is at risk. My co-w0rker decided she should come t0 the office on Monday (she's famous for coming to work hacking, sneezing,etc) and I explained to her that the next time she shows up at work ill, I will go home.

Another easy idea is to always keep antibacterial lotion in your purse, car, and home. It's not always the best source, but will make a big difference.

I realize that this is a crabby post, but health is so important to me. Please help stop the germs.
On that note, I do hope you all remain healthy. More to come. . .