Breaking Up is Hard To Do (with the pacifier that is)

It's going to be a rough week. Craig took Murray to our pediatrician today (we love him) to find out if Murray's sleep difficulties are due to a medical condition . He checks out beautifully - no ear infection, cold, or head trauma from his recent fall. Turns out the problem is behavioral. Even though we have been letting him cry it out, we weren't going about it quite right. Dr. G. said that by no means do we set foot in his bedroom the first few nights. If this doesn't work, he gave us a few more options to try. Either way, we're purchasing ear plugs (an idea my therapist gave me yesterday). Hopefully, he'll find a way to soothe himself soon. Dr. G. reassured us that all four of his children did the exact same thing when it was time to say goodbye to the pacifier (which we did about a month ago).

Anyway, things are looking up. We're busy, busy, busy, but having daycare closed this week allows us to get some neglected housework up to date. I let things slide when Craig was away last week, and then slide even more what with state softball all weekend. It feels good to catch up.

We're almost to Wednesday already!


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I'm not going to be much help here, I'm afraid. I nursed my kids fairly long and felt that it helped them through the teething stages when they needed to suckle. I trust you -- every parent finds the way that works. But we tried the crying it out thing too in trying to keep baby out of our bed, in particular. Baby won, so maybe that says very little about us as parents, but there is no memory of any of it now in their minds, anyway. Thinking of you! I know it's excruciating for the parent.

Marie said...

Thanks, Rox. I nursed too,but maybe not as long as you did. Murray is almost 2, and I believe we waited too long to take away the paci. WEe made it last night and are hoping this will work. The problem is,even if he comes into bed with us, he still won't sleep. So, this is our only solution right now. If he would sleep in our bed,I'd glady let him! Thank you so much for your thoughts - hope back to school goes well!