Lazy Days

Relaxation was the name of the game this weekend. We decided to stay home, which is rare on weekends in the summer. We missed the lake,but it was fun to enjoy our home.
Thursday evening was the highlight of our week. Flynn arrived in Moorhead, just released from Craig hospital. She will continue physical therapy in Moorhead, and eventually, I do believe she will move back to Bozeman to finish her degree. We are SO unbelievably proud of her and are thrilled to have her just across town again.

On that note, on Sunday, September 20, there will be a supper and silent auction for Flynn. The benefit will be held at the Moorhead American Legion from 4pm-8pm. The goal is to show support for Flynn and her family, as well as to raise funds to help cover not only medical expenses, but the cost of modifying their home to suit Flynn's needs. I am asking for everyone to join us, as well as donate any silent auction items you can contribute. All will be extremely appreciated by the Murray family and extended relatives, friends and those who care about Flynn. There is also a fund set up at State Bank and Trust for Flynn Murray. Not only will you help a wonderful person and family, you will have a blast at the benefit! We Murray's are pretty fun people.

Yesterday we attended a birthday party for our good friend, Kristine. We had a fantastic time. We were so happy to share her special occasion!
We attended Mass this morning, and were informed by Msgr. Mike Foltz that his mother has a terminal disease. Our hearts and prayers are with his mother and family. God speed.

Murray fell asleep in his highchair today. This is the first time in his 22 months of life that he has chosen sleep over food. He refused to get out of his chair for his crib, and wouldn't let pooh bear or his blanket go anywhere. So we left him until he was completely out and then moved him. I'm sure most parents have a picture like this of their own children, but I couldn't help but share ours.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I don't know that I ever captured it on "film," but I can still see ever so clearly, in my mind's eye, as my firstborn nodded off in his high chair with a piece of bologna half-chewed. I watched as his eyes fell heavy then succumbed. Precious times!