Addendum to "Let's Talk Seriously"

A couple of more things to preach: if you need to sneeze or cough, use your sleeve. Also, if you use a Kleenex to blow your nose, wash your hands immediately after. None of us want to get sick, so if we try to make these ideas a habit, we can avoid the spread of very serious disease.

On that note, I promise to post something a bit more positive tomorrow. I am not a health care expert by any means, but I have done the research. I will stop sounding like a know it all and hope that my point gets across.

Stay tuned. . .

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Momma tackles 3 said...

Thought of you today when I was at CE class and the lady next to me didn't wash her hands in the bathroom! YUCK!!! I scrubbed mine for about 5 minutes in the bathroom!!!!