Whirl Wind Weekend

We were supposed to head to the cities on Saturday for a mini vacation and the Vikings game. The weather was too bad to go on Saturday morning, especially with Murray, so we ended up leaving yesterday morning without him. It turned out well. The roads were much better, and Craig and I had fabulous "grown up" time. We had a suite at the Hilton (where the Vikings stay) on the 24th floor, with special access to the top floor restaurant where we were treated to complimentary food and drinks. We shopped the skyway, and today we stopped in Albertville, where I refreshed my wardrobe and purchased final Christmas presesnts.

We've left Murray overnight in the past, but never when we've been out of town, and not for this long. We were both so lonesome for him; it was an absolute joy to pick him up at daycare this afternoon. It was good for all of us though, and thanks to Craig's mom and dad for taking him.

I wish that I could post pictures, but my memory card was full, and I forgot to run to the business center to empty it. The hotel is gorgeous, our view was fantastic, and the staff incredibly helpful. The Hilton in Minneapolis is my new favorite hotel, and I can't wait to stay there again (the prices, even for a suite are quite reasonable).

Only a few shopping days left; but I think we're finally finished. Now I have to wrap, which is my least favorite of Christmas. Maybe I can bribe Craig to do it; he's better at it anyway.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Good for you, Marie! We haved tried in the past to have an annual getaway, just hubby and me. It is so important to have some alone time, even if most of the conversations center on the children. That's okay. It's a time to reflect and appreciate. A little time off or away can do wonders for our sense of appreciation!