Oh, Christmas Tree

Note: edited for spelling and grammatical errors.
Every year, it's the same argument. Real tree or fake tree? I prefer real, Craig prefers fake. Last year, I solved the problem by "lending" our fake tree to my sister (I actually gave it to her). In the 4+ years we have been married, I've always won the argument. This year, I didn't even have to ask. Craig came home last Sunday with one of the most beautiful blue spruce trees I've yet to see. We always go to Ole's Landscaping and Garden, and their trees never disappoint.
So, since Craig was on the road and we had so very much going on this week, we finally have it decorated. The worst part is attempting to put the tree in the dang stand. After a couple of hours on Monday evening of tree vs. stand vs. Craig and Marie, Craig went to Target and purchased a new and improved stand. It works beautifully, and he even bought a watering device.
I guess this just goes to say that sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. Marriage is all about compromise, right?

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