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What a week it's been! Murray sick, Craig on the road, the Game Feed at the Legion last night, and another Christmas party tonight. Tomorrow I am participating in the Jingle Bells Run/Walk for Arthritis. Phew! Next week looks to be a bit less busy, but that could change in a heartbeat.

Today is Murray's last day in the mobile infant room. I have mixed feelings. . .when I dropped him off this morning, we went over to meet his new teachers (who seem wonderful, as is the rest of the staff). He has been visiting their room since last week; even napping in there one day. I'm sure the transition will be fine for him, it's just a bit difficult on me. There's a bright side, though. He only takes one nap a day now; after lunch with the other pre-tods. That means he's exhausted at night and sleeps until about 7:30 am. It's fabulous, because Craig and I can both get ready for the day while he sleeps, and we're not rushing around running into each other. We don't have to wake up as early, either!

Murray and I have been faithfully taking our Ningxia from Young Living until recently. I kept forgetting, and sure enough, we both got sick. Craig thinks I'm bonkers, but we both remained healthy until we missed several days in a row.

Happy Friday to all; I hope your weekend brings joy!

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

I hope you are on the mend now, Maria! For some reason, the link to you on my blog has issues now and doesn't show the correct update. When will our connection be perfected? :)
Have a nice week,