Something to be Said for Winter

Though you can't tell (due to Murray being so bundled up), he loved his first sledding experience. He giggled and laughed, even when Daddy tipped him over in a snow bank. The dogs enjoyed being able to run around too. I guess there a few good things about winter after all. As the saying goes, having a child changes everything (even my immense dislike of winter).

Murray is getting another tooth on top, so that means mornings of upset at 4:00am. We have no idea why he wakes at the same time every morning, but like clockwork, the soothing begins in the wee hours. We take turns getting out of bed and comforting him back into a restless slumber. I have 2 theories about this: One, it's teething, or two, it's due to the fact that he's only napping for an hour a day in his new room at daycare, so he's actually over tired. My guess is the latter rather than the former, because since we've been home with him and letting him nap longer, he's been sleeping until at least 6:30am.

I suppose as soon as we get him adjusted to this new routine, everything will change again. :)

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